Uruguayan Artist: Joaquin Torres Garcia

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Joaquin Torres Garcia Joaquin Torres Garcia is an artist from Montevideo, Uruguay. Torres Garcia was born on July 28, 1874. His parents were from families of people who worked with their hands, rope makers and carpenters. His family was facing hard times, both with his home life and his family’s money issues throughout most of Torres Garcia’s early childhood. Torres Garcia’s parents were rarely home and when they were they weren’t a big help, so Torres Garcia basically had to do everything on his own, effectively raising himself. In 1890, Torres Garcia came up with the decision to move to Europe to pursue a career in art, more specifically as a painter. So Torres Garcia and his entire clan moved to Europe when Torres Garcia was 17 years of age. After travelling over Europe his family finally settled in the Spanish town of MA taro. During the day, Torres Garcia attended the town school and learned the basics of painting. At night Torres Garcia attended the Arts and Trades school. In 1892 Torres Garcia decided to move to Barcelona, a major Spanish city. This was an opportun...

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