Urie Bonfenbrenner: The Five Levels Of Development

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There are several theories that suggest how a person goes through development. Most theorist believed in only single development process or another that influence a person’s growth. However, there was one theorist that believed that there are several different aspects that influence a person’s development. His name was Urie Bronfenbrenner and he came up with the biological approach. The biological approach “suggest that five levels of the environment simultaneously influence individuals”. (Feldman 2014 pg 23) These five levels are the microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, and the chronosystem. To demonstrate, I’m going to examine my childhood while I was ten years old, and describe the five levels of development I went through…show more content…
My mother was mostly strict towards them and my father goofed around. Although, when it comes to my school and teacher at that time there wasn’t much involvement at all. The most was my dad dropping me off or picking me up. My parents didn’t help with school work or studying at this time. However, a teacher at the catholic school did spend time with me to me cursive. I’m not sure how the community supported or helped my school. Bronfenbrenner’s third system is the exosystem. The exosystem “represents broader influences, encompassing social institutions such as local government, the community, schools, places of worship, and the local media.” (Feldman 2014 pg 23) My parents both worked during this time. My dad’s job was a custodial engineer for all three catholic facilities: church, school, and rectory. Hence why I spent so much time around Catholics, when in fact no one in my family is catholic. My mom had a job but I’m not sure where. She had a lot of on and off again part time jobs. There wasn’t a divorce in my family. However, it was around this time that my dad’s biological dad reconnected with the family. He moved in down the street and I spent a lot of time visiting him. For vacations we went camping at Cranberry Lake in the