Urbanization In China Case Study

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2. Urbanization issues encountered in China
The 21st century is the century of urbanization in the world and the period of China's rapid urbanization. On the one hand, China's urbanization has made great achievements, on the other hand, due to the complexity, arduousness and particularity of the process of urbanization, China's urbanization is also facing many problems. Such as the urban population is seriously overloaded, the city is surrounded by slums, the urban disparity between the rich and the poor and the high unemployment rate, environmental pollution, resource constraints, housing difficulties, social disorder disorder, political turmoil, ecological damage etc.

2.1 Pollution and destruction of the environment
Urbanization brings a range of environmental pollution, including air pollution, water pollution, urban noise pollution, electromagnetic radiation, light pollution and so on.

With the increase in urban population, gas combustion, industrial waste gas, site dust, motor vehicle exhausts has become the main source of air pollution. Severe air pollution, resulting in a high incidence of respiratory diseases in China. According to the China Urban Development Report(2014), two-thirds of China's urban air quality are not up to standard. Since January 2013, the continuous haze haze, so that the "Beijing
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Modern city shoule be the most fashionable, livable and environment-friendly city. Livable, environment-friendly and energy are inseparable, how to develop and maintain these relationships, which is also worth studying the direction. Through the experience of urbanization, human beings can take the modernization, at the same time, the way forward will have some obstacles, human beings only continue to explore, and actively seek solutions to a more glorious era and a happy
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