Urbanisation In Dubai

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates Along with Karachi, Dubai is recognized as one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Dubai is also known as the world’s biggest building site built in the desert. Its annual gross domestic production has reached about 20 billion dollars with relatively small population of 2 million people. The effective government strategy of shifting Dubai into a tourist and business destination from oil production has been greatly worked and contributed to its economic development. Country also improved its duty-free shopping as it built variety of shopping centers, hotels, and office blocks and moreover, one of the largest airports in the world. Dubai government also set up free trade areas and encouraged investment from overseas. Like Karachi, Dubai is also experiencing rapid economic growth. The rapid development created serious environmental problems with greater congestion and increasing pollution rates. Rapid urbanization has led to many ecological issues because many of the isolated buildings are dependent on fossil fuel energy. However, among many of the environmental problems, water is considered as a biggest problem in Dubai. Dubai is largely dependent on desalination plants because the water in the Gulf is undrinkable without it. As a result, Dubai became one of the world’s largest carbon footprint as desalination produces mass carbon dioxide emissions. It also generates a huge amount of heated sludge, which goes back into the sea. This heating has tremendous impact on the local environment directly to the regional air circulation which also is often resulted from the high-rise buildings. Sea breezes which are important for air quality then travel and combine with t... ... middle of paper ... ...sive campaign has launched to reduce pollution – numbers of trees to be planted across the city. The campaign involved numbers of different groups including NGOs, district local government institutions, corporate sector, and community groups. Conclusion The old megacities have passed through some stages of development and there are some patterns exist. Based on the understanding of potential problems, they have come up with different solutions for challenges and that they can give vital lessons for developing and future megacities in terms of their mistakes and practices. Learning from past urban development patterns can be very beneficial for many megacities that are experiencing serious challenges due to rapid urbanization and thus, effective strategies and managements that can cope with growing population will reduce our concern on urbanization.

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