Urban Sprawl vs the Sustainable City

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Recently there have been many discussions about urban sprawl due to its negative impacts on society and the natural environment. However, looking at the aims of the sustainable city project it seems clear urban sprawl may be an obstacle Doubting this, i asked myself “to what measure is urban sprawl a problem to the aim of the sustainable city”?
In this essay I will try to explain the aims of the sustainable city as well the process of urban sprawl and its limitations and relate how urban sprawl directly affects those objectives. To start with, the sustainable city is a project with purposes to limit all precarious human activity which might lead to the destruction of sources of life or resources. This study, in my opinion, rose in consequence of the population increase in a worldwide scale, with the purpose of creating an ideal city where all civilians can live within their boundaries and share these concepts:
• “For our common future, lay down the concept of sustainable development as the backbone of the global economic policy.
• Should aim to satisfy present needs without compromising the future generations
• Should positively direct our development in favor of the majority of the world, the poor.”
The sustainable development that Richard Rogers defines should be viewed in social, cultural, economic and environmental terms. He states that social and environmental crisis are interlocked, that we have to pursue the development respecting the renovation process of nature and economically settle down bases regarding the consumption of resources.
On the other hand, the movement of residents from inner-rich to the outskirts of the cities has always been a feature of urbanization, and a controversy about contamination and commuting....

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...natural increase in population, it can’t be stopped but it can be regulated, aimed to sustain human welfare and equality, as well as to preserve natural environment.

To conclude, urban sprawl by standard models does affect the aims of the sustainable city due to the environmental harm, the disparities that it slowly mold and by the single-minded space offered to the developers.

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