Urban Sprawl And Urban Growth

Group #6 Policy Debate
Sofia U., Johan C., Bridgette C., Madison A., Erika K., Amayrani V., & Cameron P.
Intro-Sofia Usrey Urban sprawl has been known to have no question of its occurrence because the signs are all but hidden from plain site. These new areas of development often will spring up next to rural or undeveloped areas or by deteriorating central cities. When it comes to talking about metropolitan growth, there are three kinds of developments that follow under the umbrella of urban sprawl: leapfrog development, strip or ribbon development, and low-density single-dimensional development.
Leapfrog- Sofia Usrey
Developers will build new developments long distances away from the city often stretching past other available
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Surprisingly, urban sprawl can sometimes be a helpful solution to this problem. As stated before urban sprawl is the movement from major urban areas to smaller suburban areas, that are usually dependent on cars to get from place to place. While some might think this may cause problems for the inner city areas, it can help in the aspect of reducing overpopulation. The more people that decide to move out of the city the less likely the area is to over-populate. This can, in turn reduce a number of other problems associated with overpopulation such as environmental costs, public health, and safety. When there are many people in one area, natural resources become depleted quicker. By moving individuals to areas outside the city, helps spreads the use of the resources more evenly over an area. Also overpopulation can cause many problems with the public’s health and well-being. Overpopulation leads to more vehicles being out on the road, thus more air pollution and harmful emissions from these cars. Urban sprawl moves some of these vehicles away from the tight confines of the city, to areas that have more room to take in these emissions. Furthermore, the more automobiles there are on the road the greater likeliness of wrecks and decreased public safety. Moving people outside the city does cause them to rely on the use of automobiles to get to work within the city, but it can promote the use…show more content…
Gentrification is the renewal of old buildings or houses that in turn increases the property values. Unfortunately, with this increase in property value, many residents are in turn unable to keep up with this new cost of living and are displaced. Building various condos and mixed use residential properties brings in wealthier residents while displacing some residents that have grown up in the area. In the documentary Portland- Quest for the livable city, we learn that between 1998-2008 the price of a single family home in Portland nearly doubled. This increase in property value brings and increase in taxes, financially straining those who choose to stay in the area. Gentrification may lead to racial segregation in urban areas, displacing low income families who are no longer able to afford the cost of living with more affluent
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