Urban Revitalization: Causes And Impacts Of Urban Revitalization

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Gentrification is defined as the influx of wealthy people in an existing urban location. This inflow of wealthier people is associated with rise in rental price, property values and changes in culture. Study reveals that gentrification is viewed negatively as a displacement of the poor population by the rich but the impact varies from place to place. Sociologists attempts to explain the this huge influx of middle class people to urban cities and its neighborhoods and the associated displacement of lower class working rsidents,the rise in the property values and the upward push of rental prices. Though gentrification brings in income, it is associated with expense to the poor and may call for increased taxes in urban cities. A good number of…show more content…
Today the new city Paris with its grand boulevard and bridges and packs, monumental and beautiful look was revitalized in seventeen years. Originally, Paris was overcrowded, dangerous and filthy. Today the Paris revitalization which involved rebuilding the city came under the work of Georges Haussmann. The benefits of urban revitalization 1. Urban Revitalization provides potential for future growth and expansion. 2. It involves replenishment of housing stock and associated improvement of quality of life. 3. It reduces crime rate, improves the economic activities of the urban place alongside economic competitiveness. 4. Urban renewal also helps improve cultural and social amenities through provision of public places such as recreational centers, national parks, community centers and improves safety of the urban place in general. Problems Associated with Urban Revitalization 1. Revitalization leads to demolition and destruction of inheritable homes and neighborhoods of the poor and the minorities. Many poor individuals are displaced of small business which acts as a source of their…show more content…
Gentrification is the process of rebuilding an urban place or redeveloping an originally filthy area. It involves displacement of a lower class individuals by relatively rich persons. The act of dispersing the lower class out an area they have lived for years by the upper class creates a struggle. The upper class individuals takes the place of the lower class inhabitants after relocation. After the displacement of the lower class persons, property values, rental price and taxes are pushed upwards. This pushes people with low incomes and forces them out due to harsh and unfordable cost of

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