Urban Prep Academy Functional Theory

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Urban Prep Academy is a collection of all-male public schools with a mission to promote academics and provide a college preparatory education aimed at helping student achieve academic success. Urban Prep has set out to re-write the story of the Black male in Chicago (and America) by seeking to achieve the basis of equity of the functional theory within the school and to defeat the established status of conflict theory enacted by society. Echoing the paradox of W.E.B. Du Bois ' theory of the double-conscience of Black people, functional theory invokes the quest for an egalitarian experience with education whereas conflict theory appears to contradict and dispel the possibility of being an America elite. Further, it comes to a discussion of…show more content…
The egalitarian thought behind the functional theory seeks to breed equity in order for students to self navigate toward the various roles needed within society. The essence of Urban Prep seeks to achieve this very goal. Urban Prep seeks to address the achievement gap by creating an environment, or system, where Black males are given a quality high school education, sent to college, and helped with resources in order to obtain a bachelor 's level education (XXXX). Further,the school has an alumni affairs department that has routine contact with graduates from the academy in order to check on their progress and address whatever deficiencies that the school can. Although the school does try to keep life 's trials and tribulations from sorting the students into anything other successful paths, external factors, often read as agents of conflict theory, test students ' endurance and resilience.
Conflict theory, or the authoritative model, asserts that education is a goal for everyone too, but only to serve the purposes of those with power (XXXXX). Like the functional theory, conflict theory seeks to educate students about behaviors they should employ for the future; however, conflict theory seeks for these behaviors to maintain social status over social order. This is exactly what schools such as Urban Prep are fighting against. The pipeline to college first seeks to remove a population from being the powerless, lower socioeconomic class. Deonte Moore testifies

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