Urban Migration Essay

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Migration from one area to another in search of improved livelihood is a key feature of human history. Migrations have significantly influenced human history. Migration is an inevitable element of human life since time immemorial. People have been migrating since time immemorial for variety of reasons such as search of livelihood, employment opportunities etc. Migration within the country and across the borders is a facet of life which tends to expand opportunities for productive work and wider interaction among people and cultures. India is likely to experience rapid urban growth and concentration of people in urban areas will be rapidly increasing. It is expected that urban population will increase to about 40 % of total population by 2021(Ministry of Urban Unemployment and Poverty Alleviation and Ministry of urban Development, Government of India, 2005). Socio-economic changes taking place in India in the age of globalization have strong spatial implications. Studies on internal migration have indicated a decline in population mobility up to 1990’s conversely; the post reform period confirms an increase in internal population movement.

Migrants do not constitute a
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On the other hand studies shows that there occurs fall in rural employment in spite of implementation of NREGA. The other possible explanation could be under estimation of seasonal migration that may influence the overall growth of male migration. From Table-1 it is seen that male migration is declining in rural area from 7.2 percent in 1983 to 5.42 percent with marginal increase in the period 1987 and 1999. Like rural the decline in urban male migration is noticed up to early 1990’s, however it has marginally gone up between 1999 and