Urban Legends

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Imagine a date rape drug that causes sterilization. According to unconfirmed sources such a drug now exists. Progesterex enables men to sexually abuse women without the fear of the women becoming pregnant. Hence, the man’s identity is never known. He has committed the perfect crime. If, the above statements seem to far fetched to be true, its because they are in fact false. Progesterex is not the perfect date rape drug. It is the subject of an urban legend. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the term urban legend as “an often lurid story or anecdote that is based on hearsay and widely circulated as true”. Like most urban legends the rationale for its creation may never be known. The setting of the story is a nightclub or fraternity party. Such places are locations where women previously were raped after unknowingly having their drinks spiked with drugs. Hence, one reasonable assumption may be to remind women of the dangers of the social scene. Whatever the rationale, the story lacks the elements necessary for it to be credible. The absence of a source’s name and confirmed origin calls into question the validity of the story. Credible sources deny the drug being used at the locations mentioned in the various stories. For example, ““Circulated mostly in the United Kingdom as recently as April of 2006 Progesterex (sometimes known as Progestorex) is a fictional date-rape drug. The UK press has repeatedly run corrective stories affirming the non-existence of Progesterex, quoting government officials such as Home Office Minister Paul Goggins as saying "Progesterex does not exist”” (Papadopoulos, 34-39). The Progesterex urban legend first appeared in 1999. The story initially surfaced as a warning mes... ... middle of paper ... ...f becoming a rape victim is frightening to women. Most women regard motherhood as a highly anticipated event. It would be cruel to have this experience eliminated due to a date rape drug. Works Cited Alice. “Progesterex Horse and Human Sterilizer Date Rape Drug,” Go Ask Alice.com, Columbia University, 19 Nov 1999. Web 08 Feb 2014. Christensen, Brett M. “Progesterex – Sterility Date Rape Drug Hoax,” Hoax-Slayer.com, 14 April 2010. Web 08 Feb 2014. Dillon, Paul. “Progesterex: Another Urban Myth,” Doingdrugs-darta.blogspot.com, 21 Feb 2013. Web 07 Feb 2014. “Progesterex and Cons.” Snopes.com, 25 Nov 2007. Web 08 Feb 2014. Papadopoulas, Niki. “Ladies Beware,” Bitch Magazine, 01 July 2007: 34-39. Tennessee State University Library Media. Web 08 Feb 2014. Urban Legends. “Progesterex, “ UrbanLegendOnline.com, 21 July 2011. Web 08 Feb 2014.

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