Urban Issues of Inner City Teens

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Urban Issues of Inner-City Teens

In the generation that teens live in today they are seasoned by the thought that getting by is a simple key to success and a good life. Many of these teens who are so tied up in this obnoxious stereotype don’t realize that what their futures holds is based upon their actions and the way that they are growing up is numbered. Regardless of what is said about inner-city teens they have the power to alter the negativity that is given off from the decisions they make to become much healthier. The acts that urban teens struggle through is widely consequential in the environment they are surrounded by. If you were to ask your average inner-city teen on how they embody themselves their responses would come off being more so as a motto rather than how they truly see who they are as their own unique individual. Despite their infatuated perception on how they see oneself, there is hope because it comes to show that they have yet to find devotion.

Everyday you witness profound adaptations teenagers set on display. Teens nowadays generally tend to focus more on relationships than education. This is where they go wrong. One of the most common issues that a lot of inner-city teens face in these relationships is violence or some kind of abuse. According to statistics from an article in 2011, 10 to 12 percent of adolescent teens report physical abuse unlike another 33 percent who report any kind of violence. “We all know it exists. What should we do about it,” quoted Bronwen Carroll from Boston Medical Center. She later decided to conduct a study with her colleagues at an ER that funds mostly poor African American children and teens. During this study, researchers surveyed 327 adolescents between the ...

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...und with you boyfriend or girlfriend may be a place to run when you can’t handle things but it doesn’t last forever. Looking toward having a baby or intercourse for that matter won’t make things better. Pushing someone around just too look cool isn’t getting the through college. In the face of all obstacles inner-city kids go though, that doesn’t make them anything less than kids who grow up in other places. Beyond the stereotypes people use to define inner-city teens, believe that one day they will rise up and show the world that they are worth and can be sophisticated just as the rest.

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