Urban Issues In Developing Nations

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An essay on urban issues in developing nation The violence which is being subjected in the developed country is that the teenagers stole things from the people due to poverty and illiteracy in the economy. There has been a situation of inequality being prevailing which makes rich people richer and poor people poorer. This puts a devastating effect on the growth of the economy of the country. The violent conditions being prevailing in the market and the increase rate of murders. The life expectancy rate is also declining in the urban nation because of the increase rates in the sudden deaths. The rape cases are also increasing which hampers the safety of women in the society, they are not able to move freely in the society because of the threat being there outside. They are not free to move in spite of being educated. The humans have to suffer the violence on the environment. The greenery is being destroyed by the fires, logging and the agribusiness completely destroys the rainforest. The deforestation had declined by 84 per cent since last eight years before August 2012 which has shown a 35 per cent increase more in the deforestation rate. The government pays directly to the poor families to improve the economic condition which has positively reduced the inequality rate. The revolutions begin with the formation of middle class. There are protests on the roads by the students who are unaffiliated to any political party. There are always disputes among the political parties and the demonstrators try to demonstrate on the roads by marching on the roads and strikes which hampers the peace and humanity condition in the economy. Brazil is composed of both black and white men which creates a disparity in education between them. The condit... ... middle of paper ... ...integrate in those areas into the city. There should be rehabilitation in which the residents of shanty town are provided with the materials to improve their existing shelters. The site and service schemes are popular in India and Brazil where the government provide a site and the basic amenities such as water and sewer facility to the society. The ownership should be provided to the migrants and then the expected work can be completed at their own expense which is only possible if there is cooperation between the groups of migrants. References “Table 3: Urban agglomerations having population 1 lakh and above” Provisional Population Totals Government of India Retrieved 19/10/2011 “Rural-Urban distribution of population” Census of India Press Release Retrieved 19/11/2013 “Urbanisation in India faster than rest of the world” Hindustan Times Retrieved 13/6/2012
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