Urban Expansion And Development : The Inevitability Of Urban Development

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Reviewing history, from ancient times to the present, urban expansion is the inevitable product of urban development throughout an inhabited region. Urban expansion stimulates economics, brings higher employment and income rates. No doubt, every improvement comes with some sacrifice, that is how the world began, and continues to run so there is no reason to restrict urban expansion if managed properly. During the early formation of cities back in ancient times, the early human being used to live without definite residences, hunting and fishing were their most important survival methods. They usually lived as a small nomadic group, nevertheless few people’s strength was not sufficient when ferocious animals appeared, joining with others was the only way that the early human was able to protect themselves and get more food. Bundling allowed the early human the opportunity to have excess food. And as time went by, the early village formed. Along with the village’s expansion, populations increased, human could get and store more food, and the early economic -exchange appeared. The early economy developed was the key to the earliest cities that formed. Without Village development expansion, economies and cities would not have appeared, human civilization also, would not exist. Therefore, it is not hard to see the importance of expansion and development, since it was a key reason that we as a race have managed to survive and thrive on this planet. The inevitability of urban expansion. Urban development is a symbol of human civilization. And human civilization never spread from the economic development and the urban expansion. According to the article “Causes and Effects of Urban Sprawl – Conserve Energy Future” Urban sprawl is not s... ... middle of paper ... ...ole battery of polls year after year saying that they are quite happy with where they live. . . I would argue that worries about sprawl have become so important not because conditions are really bad, as critics suggest, but precisely because conditions are so good” (164). Some views the urban expansion does bring jobs and money for now, but could also negatively impact things in the future. They talk about that we should leave a good environment for their descendants in the future. There is nothing wrong with wanting to leave something for your descendants. However, if put too many boards on restricting urban sprawl, it will limit the economy's growth. There's another example, people argue whether we should build the third Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, VA since they need $18 Million in tax subsidy. According the news, “The company plans to build two hotels across

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