Upton Sinclair: An Author With a Successful Book

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Just like every one else, Upton Sinclair was a complete unknown. He was born quite a while ago on September 20th, 1878. He was the son of Upton Beall Sinclair and Priscilla Harden, being born in Baltimore, Maryland. His father, Sinclair Sr., was an alcoholic who was also a liquor salesman. It was said that his father’s alcoholism shadowed over most of his childhood. His mother Priscilla on the other hand, was a very strict parent. As Sinclair became older, him and his mother did not get along very well. According to Wikipedia, Sinclair had told his son to stay away from her and never to see her for fear of a controversy.
When Upton Sinclair was about to turn fourteen years old, he entered the City College of New York. In order for Sinclair to pay for his own tuition, he wrote jokes and magazine articles in weekly magazines and such. After he had finished school there and graduated, he then enrolled for some time at Columbia University. Sinclair’s main passion was writing, even though his major was in Law. At his time in Columbia University, sinclair supported himself by writing short adventure stories and jokes. HE had also managed to learn several languages such as German, Spanish, and French. After Sinclair had left Columbia, he wrote four novels. Although they had not done well commercially, they were however critically well-recieved. These novels were “The Overman”, “The Metropolis”, “The Moneychangers”, and “Love’s Pilgrimage”.
In the year 1902, Upton Sinclair married a woman by the name of Meta Fuller. However, shortly after in 1911, Meta Fuller had left Upton Sinclair for the poet Harry Kemp. Despite Sinclair’s personal beliefs about marriage, Sinclair had had an affair with a woman of the name Anna Noyes. Sinclair had al...

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In 1942, Sinclair released a book called “Dragon’s Teeth”, which had won him the Pulitzer Prize. His book “Dragon’s Teeth” is about the rise of Germany. Another author has even said he considered Sinclair not a writer, but a historian. Throughout his lifetime, upton Sinclair had wrote published well over ninety books. Upton Sinclair passed away in a small nursing home on December 18th, 1968 in Bound Brook, New Jersey.
Upton Sinclair was a changemaker because when he wrote the book “The Jungle” about the meat packing industry, he had changed what standards they needed. If it wasn’t for Sinclair, We might have still been eating filthy meat like that to this day. But thanks to Upton Sinclair, we now have the Food and Drug Administration and passed laws to prevent something like that happening again. We can now be sure that our meat is not as filthy as before.