Updated Workplan

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The purpose of this project to keep the local parks of Essex County clean, safe and reliable, ensure all people specifically students of Essex County can enjoy and participate in physical/sports activities, and generate revenue for the County by selling locally planted crops grown in the parks. A proper maintenance system will be established for Essex County Parks. The Jersey Cares volunteers will serve as the core group of volunteers assisting in this project. A Saturday mid-morning clean up project will be developed for the parks, to be conducted two times per month. Volunteers will pick up any trash left in the immediate park areas, water garden plants (discussed in detail later in the descriptions) and have brown bag lunch together in the parks with local invited community leaders, citizens and students. This will develop more social ties in local neighborhoods, where the parks help unite the community. Students will participate in sports/physical activities on a more consistent basis. An annual sports league will be developed in Newark and across Essex County. The sports leagu...

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