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In order to learn more about Johnson, Cornell, and how I would fit into the culture, I reached out to several Johnson students, particularly those in the CMAM immersion. From them, I developed a clearer picture of Johnson’s attributes, CMAM, life at the school, and careers in investing. I initially talked to Robert Michaels who referred me to Thomas Palmer, Darin Young, George Santo, and Roberto Rosas. As of January 27, 2014, I have talked to Thomas, Darin, and George; Roberto was traveling at the time I contacted him but we have agreed to speak when he finishes his travels. I also reached out to the IMC and received a response from David Haberle and we have exchanged several e-mails. Everyone has offered me valuable advice and shared with me their experiences at Johnson and in their careers.

One major takeaway from speaking with all of them has been that Johnson is truly a collaborative environment and not a cutthroat competitive one. I find this important because I plan to leverage my peers who have more experience in the investment management and research business than I do, and Johnson provides me with a unique opportunity to learn from not only today’s leading minds in business, finance, and investing, but also tomorrow’s – Johnson’s students. I can benefit from a true exchange in which people can learn from each other’s unique experiences and abilities. Another takeaway from speaking with all of them is the immense resources of the Parker Center. I plan to refine my technical skills and the center offers me essential investment tools such as Bloomberg, Capital IQ, Thompson Reuters, and Morningstar. My interest lies in the CMAM immersion so the Parker Center and Cayuga Fund are two of Johnson’s qualities that excite me. I le...

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...I am excited about beginning a new project for in which I will research and write articles rooted in value investing – commenting on the investments made by value fund managers and presenting my own investment ideas. Also, I continue to manage my investment portfolio and am navigating through the recent market volatility.

I believe Johnson will permit me to advance my career in investing by opening up opportunities that were previously closed to me and by putting me in a position to succeed. A Johnson MBA will assure employers that I am industrious and give me a practical framework to prosper as a businessman. A Johnson MBA will tie my different interests and experiences into a cohesive career - molding me into a multifaceted businessman. Lastly, Johnson will help me to develop into a leader and to exhibit my unique personality, skills, and knowledge.
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