Up to what extent Orwell’s warning is still relevant in today’s American society?

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American society still resembles the Orwell’s fictional world of 1984. In the novel, Orwell comes up with various future warning. Orwell warned about the danger of a totalitarianism society. 1984 is a warning for the future that the government can reach up to dominance existed during 1984. Orwell is explaining that there are extreme instances that are already existed in American society. He described that our society is not too far away from the present condition that our government could easily turn into the fictional world of 1984. Orwell’s point out some of the issues as a major issue including psychological control, political misinform and propaganda. Government is monitoring the individual lives with technology seems that most important evidences that could result our country to be in that situation in near future. During the fictional world of 1984, the government used telescreens on individual room to make sure that they were not against them. There were hidden telescreens, hidden microscope and so on. Today’s American society is not exactly the same but we have lot of evidences that resembles Orwell’s fictional world of 1984. National Security Agency is listening to the phone conversation of the citizen. During the world of 1984, there is a new speak. It was only the way that people are made to think and express less. There wasn’t any place for those who were against the government. Every citizen is afraid that the government is watching every individuals. People were afraid of the propaganda. Those types of propaganda that were present on Orwell’s fictional world of 1984 are still relevant in our today’s American society. Propaganda’s plays an important role in the ways that the people are growing up. People are compel t... ... middle of paper ... ...ey tried to, they have to face trial being in a jail like a Winston in a novel. As like there were hidden cameras in the citizens rooms during the Orwell’s fictional world, the cameras and other secret devices were monitoring citizens today. People weren’t be allowed to express their love publicly during the world of 1984 and today’s American society justifies its relevancy prohibiting gay and same sex marriage and other pornography issues. The main message of Orwell is to aware the people that there are many significant instances in the American government that the government might can go back to one that they have during the world of 1984. Introducing the patriot act, NSA surveillance and government over riding the constitutionally protected rights justifies the relevancy that the United States extend up to the Orwell’s fictional world of 1984.
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