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Video games have become a extraordinary uproar since the 1970s and 1980s. They became a popular form of entertainment that children and even adults would enjoy. These systems and consoles have potential into teaching a person a specific problem or even teach a certain skill. An innovative presence on the internet on “Games”, by Steven Johnson, makes an argument presenting technology connections with people. There are many flaws into playing games, however it also goes for books too, a person can not simply judge either activity to be bad or good and overlook them. Johnson tries to persuade the audience by effectively using a rhetorical strategy to include the view of the audience of video games containing a positive effect, while appealing to books as well. Johnson establish his point by providing counter arguments with juxtaposition, ethos, and imagery to present that games have a educational value while siding to both games and book. Ethos is present where you can have trustworthy information given by a credible source that Johnson presents in order to point out the good and bad influence of video games. For instance, Johnson introduces a latest edition of Dr.Spook, who reports that video games is, “the best that can be said of them is that they may help promote eye-hand coordination in children.” Thus giving a positive influence on why games can benefit us in a way that books are not able to do from a reliable source, Dr.Spook studied on. A further example on how video games gives a educational value is if someone took their wheels in the car they would have to comprehend on how to steer with their hands while being aware of the surroundings. Another credible resource Johnson uses is a writer known as Andrew Solomon, who... ... middle of paper ... ... motor cortices.” In effect, Johnson was able to allow the audience to decide whether the argument he makes of games to be of value by supporting it, then gives evidence on the bad effects book have as well. Furthermore, he adds on after that, “games are good at novelistic story telling the way Michael Jordan was good at playing baseball.” To be specific, video games have a potential in telling about the history like a book is able to inform readers about the life of Michael Jordan. Thus juxtaposition was effective in comparing two things where games are beneficial and books were not from the parallel universe. In all cases, videos game can be look upon to be a sufficiency to learning or obtaining skills that are as a matter of fact good for the people just like books, no matter how people view a certain activity to be better it is juxtapose that they are equal.

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