Unprofessional Essay

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We all do things at home that we would never do at work. It could be smoking, imbibing, and many more actions that are not accepted in the work environment but should we be penalized for doing these things outside of work? This is a great question because in this case a plethora of us would be out of a job. The fine line between work and personal life has been wearing away for some time. As work life and personal life start to blur employers are naturally going to endeavor to regulate the comportment of their employees since they now represent their respective compa-nies both in and out of the work place. Regulating people outside of the workplace feels like an assault on individual rights. I can understand some regulation of military or professional sports because their physical condition directly relates to their job performance… but that’s a slippery slope. Unless it is detrimental to the job or poorly reflects values of the vocation personal life is just…show more content…
Pettit unprofessional and immoral? No. Being unprofessional falls down into Bullying and intimidating co-workers, Using abusive language, Gossiping, and many more ("What Is Unprofessional Behavior at Work?" ). Which Mrs. Pettit did not do any of these things. As far as immoral this means wrong in our society. Morality is mostly subjective; desig-nating it is interpreted by the person. It is genuinely not at all unorthodox that what you find to be moral and immoral is quite different from what someone else finds moral and immoral. Mean-ing what you think may be erroneous may be right in someone else’s ocular perceivers. Mrs. Pettit personal life had never interfered with her school life which is morally right. The only thing that the school board and other people at the school needed to optically canvass is how much of a good teacher she was and how much of a task it was to teach mentally challenged elementary school children, and utilize her astonishing adeptness, love and
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