Unnatural Causes Policy Guide

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Unnatural Causes Policy Guide Out of the 12 policy topic areas listed in the Unnatural Causes Policy Guide the topic that interest me the most was Promote Understanding of the Social Determinants of Health. I chose this topic area because we’ve been learning about social determinants of health since the beginning of the semester and the information I’ve been learning from the readings and videos have really stimulated my understanding about the root causes of health such as a person’s social, physical and economic environment. The organization that I chose to explore was PolicyLink, which is a national research and action institute that promotes economic and social equity. The goal of PolicyLink is to create flourishing communities that offer opportunities for all individuals where they have inclusion in these activities and can thrive from them to achieve their goals. This organization primarily focuses on low-income communities and communities of color. PolicyLink has four focus areas which include America’s Tomorrow: Equity is the Superior Growth Model, PolicyLink Center for ...
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