Unmanaged Time Essay

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“Has anybody seen my time? I’ve misplaced it!” (van den Berg, 2016). These word echoes through the mind of many a pastor. Unmanaged time has three distinct characteristics namely:
• Unmanaged time flows toward my weaknesses.
• Unmanaged time comes under the influence of dominant people in my world.
• Unmanaged time surrenders to the demands of all emergencies
There are three fundamental rules one must apply if one is to recapture lost time. These rules are rather simple in theory but requires extreme discipline when applying them in practice. The rules are as follows:
• I must know my rhythms of maximum effectiveness.
• I must have criteria for choosing how to use my time.
• I must budget my time.
“With time management my busyness reflects a plan of activity, a pattern of priorities, and a sense of purposefulness. It is a good and satisfying busyness through which one grows and increase competence” (van den Berg, 2016).
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There are two main principles with regard to time management namely:
• Time management is not about getting everything done. Time management is about getting the most important things done; which means time management is about making hard decisions concerning of what is important.
• To budget my time in order to do the important

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