Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe

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Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe

Increasing our knowledge of Physics, using the scientific method to make observations and test hypotheses is essential to unlocking the secrets of the universe. Energy is one of the most fundamental elements of the universe. Throughout history, man has endeavored to expose, understand, and explain how and why things work. This drive to expand our understanding eventually led to the development of the scientific method and what is commonly considered to be the king of the sciences, Physics. The effects of energy on the physical world are of great interest to Physicists. The scientific method was developed during the seventeenth century. It is based on collaborative efforts of the great scientists and mathematicians who lived during that period such as Francis Bacon, Galileo Galilee, Johannes Kepler, and Rene’ Descartes. These men realized that true knowledge must be based on empirical observation and verified by experimentation. Recently, physicists have been searching for a unifying theory to bring all of the fields of Physics together under a single umbrella theory expressed as a short equation. This so called unifying field theory will usher in a new era in physics and greatly increase our understanding of the workings of the universe Physics is the king of science, and Sir Issac Newton is the king of Physics. Physics deals with matter, motion, force, and energy.

In order to understand motion, one needs to look no further the Sir Issac Newton. Newton’s studies eventually led to the development of three distinct, but related theories dealing with velocity, acceleration, inertia, friction and momentum, these theories are so widely accepted that they are commonly called “Newton’s Three Laws of Motion.” These laws, after almost three hundred years of testing and scrutiny, remain as fundamental principles governing the world we live in. By increasing our understanding of energy and the laws governing it, Newton’s laws have dramatically changed our world and promise to continue to change it in the years to come. Newton’s first law states that if the vector sum of the forces acting on an object is zero, then the object will remain at rest or remain moving at constant velocity. This means that an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by a net force. It also means that an object in motion will remain in moti...

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This site is basically just a lecture that explains the structure and naming of aliphatic hydrocarbon compounds in a basic manner. The site has some information on organic chemistry, which are synthetic carbon chemicals which are grouped with the natural ones. The site also has information about which organic compounds are used in our everyday life.

Jim Clark maintains this site. In order to have a good understanding of this site, it is a good idea if you have knowledge about the bonding in methane, and the bonding in ethene. This site has real good information on how benzene is built and the benzene ring.

“How do you go about determining Constitutional Isomers of a Molecular Formula?”
R.H.Logan maintains this site. This site lets you know that Isomers are compounds that have the same molecular formula. The site also shows you how to you can find out if you have equivalent isomers and what an isopropyl branch is. This is a dull site, but pretty informative.
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