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worthless, fat, disgusting, idiot. the faceless insults run through my mind as I stand at the edge of the midnight enclosed bridge, staring down at the busy highway below me, unsuspecting cars passing in a blur. taking a deep shaking breath I edge closer to the long drop. "what are you doing?!" an angry group of male voices say, and two plaid covered muscular arms encircle my waist pulling me down from the cold cracked cement barrier. five pairs of eyes stare at me Intensely, one of which is my best friend's 17 year old, brother Lyric. "Xavier! you could of fallen!" Lyric's girlfriend Isabella scolds me, in her annoyingly high pitch voice, slightly slurred, as she attempts to move out from behind lyric's back, where I didn't see her earlier. Her skirt too high, top too low and heels that looks more like weapons than foot wear, she wobbles as she tries to look at me serious, failing as the smell of beer floats to my nose from her breath. "that was probably the point" The shortest guy in the group says, his voice dark, his blue eyes clouded with unwanted concern, as he stares ...
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