Unjustness in the Government

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Unjustness in the Government This country was founded on the premise of a concientious society where men and women would act in the name of God and for the good of the people that squares with moral law. Thoreau and Martin Luther King Jr., in their respective times, pointed out in lectures and in writings that we have strayed from our moral and just society to one filled with immoral and unjustness to a degree that violates our religion and our conscience.We do not live in a civil society nor does our government have a conscience that does not exceed the limits of our founding fathers declarations. We live in anarchy. We live in a society ruled by a dictatorship know as a democracy pretending to be a republicy ruling over blind citizens more appropriately refered to as slaves. We are those slaves. In the play Antigone, the woman believed that the power of the gods was greater than the power of any king. If she obeyed the king, she would have disobeyed the stronger power of the gods which could have had more of a devastating result on her than that of the king. This play was written thousands of years ago in a far more simpler time than that of Thoreau or Martin Luther King Jr., yet shows that even then, unjust laws existed that contridicted their religion and their conscience. Unjust laws existed from the dawn of mankind when God told Adam not to eat the Forbidden Fruit. Adam perceived this to be unjust and so he ate the apple giving life to what we now see today. This is a bad example as what we think is unjust goes against the word of God yet what Adam thought was unjust was the word of God, but the example still works. "Just" and "unjust" are evolving words like that of the word "love". What people precieved love to be 100 hundred years ago is not what it is precieved today. Their meanings are very much the same, but their "perceptions" are quite different and evolving everyday! Thoreau and Martin Luther King Jr., in their repective times, were pioneers of seeing what just and unjust laws and actions were taking place in their time and making a difference because of them. Should they be set apart from the masses because not only did they recognize these unjust doings, but made a point to do something about them, yes, but they are not pioneers in this thinking, this philosophy so to speak.
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