Unjust Laws Essay

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The world is based from two types of laws. Just and unjust laws. In recent years a series of new laws have been adopted. Some of these laws were just and others were unjust. Something that differentiates unjust law from just is it’s an unfairness. In other words, unjust law is something that does not equally apply to everybody. It could be directed to the specific person or group of people. For instance, the law of banning propaganda of homosexuality, making homosexsuals second class citizens who are not entitled to, for example, to express their feelings in public. The law on rallies, forbidding citizens to assemble peacefully and without arms, where they wish. Another, example would be zoning law. Where people have no right of control over…show more content…
As a loyal citizens, we should always stand up and as for our rights. Nobody should agree with unjust laws. But he would not like my thesis, because unlike Martin Luther King I am against breaking the laws. I do not thing breaking the unjust laws is a solution. He broke an unjust laws and went to the assembly without certain permission and the consequence was that he got arrested. Yes, I would agree with anybody that he was not specifically arrested because of attending peaceful assembly without the permission. He was arrested, because due to his political actions. But, just because he broke the unjust law, King ended up going to the jail. As I stated before, my main argument is that unjust laws cause more harm than benefits the citizens of the United States of America and other country. People should always stand up and fight for their rights. Nobody should discriminated for the color of their skin or their gender. Because, at the end we all are humans and gave created as equally. And if God created humans created equally, then no one has a right to discriminate people from each other. I am in favor of peaceful protests, gathering, negotiations, but I never see a breaking an unjust law as a solution. Because, regardless of its content it is still a law that have been issued by the government of this
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