University Education and Writing

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University Education and Writing

In doing the comparison metaphor of what an university education is like to me I choose a minimum wage job. After about twelve weeks later I would say that this is still what I believe and that I have really not changed that much in my thinking. By using the metaphor of a minimum wage job in describing an university education I feel it best describes my feelings towards school and why I am here. I dealing with my description of my self and the self I portray in my writing I am a person who writes what he wants to say. I never leave out anything, or try to cover up anything I write from within and If someone doesn't like it then too bad because this is me.

I the analysis of my first paper I saw an education as something that I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life doing; like a minimum wage job. Let me explain. I fell into college and because of that I do not always find attending school "enlightening or fulfilling." I think I get this from my roots of blue collar workers in my family and how my grandfather was self sustaining. He always stressed the importance of schooling but, he also stressed the unimportance of learning anything that didn't relate to the sciences and mathematics. He considered university education as something that one needs to enter certain work forces, but he commonly referred to many educated people as "educated fools"; which were people who knew a lot out of books but nothing about the real world and common sense. You can think of those people being the environmentalist compared to the ecologist. An environmentalist has no formal training or training in management of ecosystems and wildlife but an ecologist does and thus can make more informed though out answers to many of our environmental problems.

In further analysis of my paper I said,

"For me my university education has been an experience that would never take away. I was able to find myself, to escape the judgments of the powercrats who run people down and weaken the spirit."

This was a very powerful style of writing for me because I hate those people who think that they are better than others and those people who feel that because they are educated they must know more and in general be smarter about a lot of things.
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