Universal Preschool Advantages And Disadvantages

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I am finding the more I learn about the different programs the more fascinating they become. My daughter just finished a VPK program that is offered to all children in Florida the year before the begin kindergarten. This is voluntary preschool and is under the universal preschool umbrella. This is a half day program, I quickly realized she was doing more in preschool than I did when I was in kindergarten and working in a kindergarten classroom the lessons she was learning and the lessons I was currently teaching often overlapped. When I started reading about Head Start and the Universal Preschool programs I wanted to take in as much as I could about each program and find out what the advantages and disadvantages are to each program. I found…show more content…
Some argue that Universal Preschool is a bad idea. Most states, alongside the central government, do not have the cash to reserve preschool for all youngsters. When endeavors concentrate on making in all cases pre-k frameworks, the youngsters who may be taking the greatest hit are the ones who might most profit by a quality prekindergarten experience: the individuals who are poor, communicate in English as a second dialect, or are generally hindered. Most states do store pre-k to some degree, as do neighborhood school areas. A bit over 50% of the state-financed projects have wage prerequisites. Amid the 2012-13 school year, about a quarter of the nation 's 4-year-olds—28 percent—were enlisted in state-supported pre-k projects, as indicated by information from the National Institute for Early Education Research, or NIEER. (This intelligent New York Times realistic offers a decent breakdown of how state-financed pre-k fluctuates the nation over, however the information is somewhat obsolete.) State-subsidized pre-k is, obviously, one of an interwoven of ahead of schedule instruction administrations accessible to families. There are the Head Start habitats for low-salary youngsters, which are ordinarily worked by regional standards by private philanthropies and for-benefits and subsidized to a great extent by a blend of government and state dollars, and private preschools and childcare focuses, among different…show more content…
If it had not of been for this program. I would not have been able to return to work this past year we would not have been able to have afforded the cost of day care. I also think it was the best thing for her. I had no idea she would need to know sight words, be able to count to 100, know her 3D shapes, her letter sounds, and how to add numbers, before entering kindergarten. My son just finished fifth grade and things have changed since he was in kindergarten, I think parents that did not have their children participate in a preschool program are going to be in shock when they see the amount of homework that will come home with their children the first week of school. The students that had the benefit of head start or universal preschool the parents will be prepared as well as the students and having a kindergarten be prepared is worth all the money we can invest in them. We need to invest in the children and we will have a better, brighter,

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