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In this essay, a new biochemical technique to fight against viral diseases is going to be introduced. Before introducing this technique, it is necessary to know the origin of diseases first. Most diseases are caused by bacteria or virus. A long time ago, antibiotics were discovered and they have the power to kill bacteria. However, there are no such powerful methods to treat viral infection. This essay begins with an explanation of the principles of how penicillin and the HIV protease inhibitor work, followed by a proposed application to heal viral diseases based on learning enzymatic mechanism. The other half of the essay mainly focuses on the potential influence of this application in the future of Hong Kong.

According to what David and Michael (2008) describe, penicillin is an antibiotic which binds to and inactivate transpeptidase, an enzyme involved in cell wall synthesis in bacteria. The HIV protease inhibitor is a newly developed drug that has been designed to help people infected with the HIV virus. HIV protease is an enzyme in that virus. Its active site first binds to a large protein and then cleaves them into smaller fragments. This step is needed for reproduction of the virus. The HIV protease inhibitor serves as an analog of the correct substrate and it can fit into the active site of HIV protease. The strong binding of the inhibitor makes the enzyme no longer bind to the original substrate and function. As a result, the virus cannot work properly (Nelson and Cox 2008).

The above two mechanisms are very similar since both of them target at the enzymes. Based on understanding of the above examples, this author suggests a general way to treat viral diseases. Su...

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