Universal Human Communication

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Every person in the developed world uses communication technologies on the daily basis, if not the hourly basis. Communication technology has created the information super highway and has made the immense wealth of human knowledge available to everyone with an Internet connection. As a result, communications technology has expanded our scope of thought outside of our own singular community and has allowed us to glimpse into other cultures. The technology is being utilized in very different settings such as at home, at work, or even something more extreme like on the battlefield. Communication advances have allowed disabled workers to re-enter the workforce and assisted students in earning their degrees without ever stepping foot into a classroom. While, communications technology has the capability to connect various units in a war-zone so that they may plan at the same time and fight as one force, instead of fragmented pockets. In any case, the definition of humanity is always changing, but humans are the ones making these changes, not machines or microchips. Technological advances, specifically those in the field of communications, are transforming what it means to be human by making information ubiquitous and accessible. Communication technology has evolved exponentially over the past millenniums. Today's digital lifestyle and instant communication has its roots in interpersonal communication and group communication around the campfires of antiquity. Mankind's inherent need to spread opinions and information has led to such technological advances in this field as the moveable type printing press, the telegraph, mass circulation newspapers, and eventually the Internet. Each of these innovations has transformed smaller communities into regional, nationwide, and even global ones. In the nineteenth century, the beginnings of mass media communication, as we

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