Universal Healthcare Arguments

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Universal Healthcare Argument Should the United States have universal healthcare? Universal healthcare means that everyone has access to the health services they need without financial hardship when paying for them. “The United States is the only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not provide health care to all its citizens” (Institute of Medicine). The United States is one nation and every citizen should have access to affordable healthcare. Under universal healthcare it should help reduce spending on healthcare, improve the public health, and increase in economic productivity. There will also be a brief overview on the opposing viewpoint of why universal healthcare is a bad idea for America following the details in the sentence above.…show more content…
In the USA the quality and quanity of primary care will render better health for the people. Universal healthcare, “will be associated with better population health outcomes including lower mortality rates, rates of premature death and hospitalizations for ambulatory care sensitive conditions and higher infant birth weight, life expectancy, and satifaction with the healthcare system”(Niti, Ng). “Studies in the US have also indicated that universal healthcare availabitity in community is correlated with both better health outcomes and decrease in utilization of more expensive types of health services” (Chang). Broader health care coverage leads to tremendous population health improvements. There are 45 million people in the USA that are uninsured, with universal healthcare every person will have access to care. This could mean life or death for many people, if they can catch an illness early that is improved healthcare. This should be obvious to the average person, the thought process should be to say yes the USA needs universal…show more content…
The government says if there was universal health care payroll taxes would double. Also if universal health care came into effect the wait time for a doctor visit would nearly double. These are good points but the wait time does not make a difference, all that matters is that most people in America will have health care. Many say it is to costly and limit service but studies constantly show when well managed to provide quality care it delivers better health outcomes at lower costs. Using a single payer health care system it would cover everyone under a single plan. What single payer does is gives access to prevention, early prevention, reducing insurance overhead, reduce provider overhead, and bulk purchasing power. Access to prevention and early Intervention is recieving access to primary care and can catch illness before its serious and costly. Reducing insurance overhead will stop advertising and competion. Reducing provider overhead will stop doctors from spending some much time on paperwork and pay more attention to actually care. One payer can bargain for the best prices this is bulk purchasing
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