Universal Health Insurance And Health Care

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There is no doubt that health care is an extremely important aspect of our daily lives since it is a safety net if you were to ever have any health complications which could potentially be more monetarily impactful and ultimately prevent you from getting treatment due to a lack of upfront cash. The real question is should it be the responsibility of the U.S. Government to have national health care for it its citizens? I personally find it hard to back the national health care not because of the idea of giving all citizens health care but for the technicalities involved. • Defining Universal Health Insurance o From countries that have single payer health care systems or health care systems that are heavily controlled by the government there generally is a lack of opportunity to get the health care you need when you need it because it accumulates so many people in need of treatment that is causes things such as wait list, rationing of the services, restrictions, and tons of other complications (Cato). You also need to realize some people aren’t educated enough to know all the possible...

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