Unity, when it comes to food

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Culture diversity is the variety of human society and culture in a specific region or even in the world, it exists between people such as language, traditional clothes, of course food and the way people interact with their environment cultural. Food, cooking, and eating habits play a huge significant role in every culture on earth. The food we eat not only represents our traditions, history and geography, but also our cultural adaptability. Technological progress, economic power, and the development of modern transportation and communication systems have allowed people in eastern to extended their own food preferences to the farthest parts of the western regions. America is considering a privileged to all of us that can come here because we have our rights and food from country all over world is important. Food is a form of network communication device that causes cultural diffusion and in bringing one another people together under one roof; this one roof is called United States of America.

Cultural diffusion can lead one country to influence another’s culture through trade, travel, or immigration. Cultural diffusion has become common in current society, and it happens all over the world from food restaurants to new technologies. Crossing societal boundary lines leads to having interactions with each other, and these interactions lead to cultural diffusion. When we learn new languages, share recipes of foods, and move to other countries, we are diffusing, or spreading, culture. When people trade with foreigners, migrate to foreign lands, and explore new countries, or expand their empire, they interact with people from different cultural groups. When people interact, they often share their cultural practices and ideas, and the r...

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...anguage, it helps us to connect people and allow us to get to know and understand each other.

Every culture gathers around food, food is a great way to learn about other cultures and to get to know other people. It’s not just about the eating part, which is enjoyable, but it goes much deeper than that. I believe food is universal; it is an essential service to all people of all nations and cultures. Food can bring joy, unite, and draw different kinds of people together. Everything about food can bring families, couples, partners, and neighbors, whoever it may be together. Given the importance that food has in many cultures around the world, its incorporation into any cross-cultural dialogue can only be beneficial. The importance of cultural exchange is the sharing of food and the spoken word to finding unities and building relationships of trust across difference.
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