United States and the Middle East

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Should the United States of America attack Iran if it has begun to enrich uranium to the level that it can create a nuclear bomb? Or sending troops into Pakistan if the government loses what little control it has over its western regions and terrorists take hold? These are some of the question that are constantly asked. There is no decision that is more difficult than the decision of a government to employ military force upon another country. Except in the most clear-cut cases, those decisions are also difficult, this is what some people think. War can help better a society and also to protect human life. There are also some people that disagree with war, because wars are the confirmations and culminations of the human evil. To impose, to concur, and to dominate other ideas upon other human beings was not intended t make peace. This is a topic that has been argued throughout history and many people believe that war is unnecessary and this is true.
"If you want peace, prepare for war"(Epitoma Rei Militaris) this is one reason why some people prefer war. People believe there are justifiable wars. There is a war theory today that is a composite various religious figures. In the 5th century, St. Augustine discussed in City of God the circumstances by which killing could be justified and empires expanded. In the 13th century, St. Thomas Aquinas laid out a more elaborate war doctrine in his Summa Theologica. He wrote that three conditions were necessary to make a war just: it must be ordered by a competent authority; the cause must be just; and the combatants must have "a right intention, so that they intend the advancement of good, or the avoidance of evil." There are also modern justified war guidance which involves both the decision...

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