United States' Involvement in Vietnam

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United States' Involvement in Vietnam

The background to Vietnam has been influenced by religion, French

missionaries were sent in to convert the Vietnamese population, who

was mostly Buddhist, to Catholics, the reason for this was to 'divert'

their loyalty to God rather than there Emperor, the Vietnamese never

took lightly to these Missionaries convert the people and most of all

de-valuing their Emperor, the ruler of their country. A few Vietnamese

people, or movements, felt threatened by this and a few priests ended

up dead. In 1847, because of the murders and violence towards the

French priests/missionaries, the French sent combat troops into

Vietnam to protect their people. The French noticed that Vietnamwould

make a good addition to their Empire, so after much discussion and

finally the Chinese signed over control of Vietnam. In there near

future, the French also occupied and took control of Cambodia and


Vietnam has an abundance of Coal, Zinc, Tin, Rubber and Rice, a lot of

this was sent to France. Vietnam proved profitable to France, as they

earned a lot of money from imports/exports. The Vietnamese had no

choice but to take to their new way of life, some adapted to join the

new governments, and also to keep the citizens in line. When the

Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was attacked by the U.S.A.'s

'test' weapons, the atom bombs also known as 'A-bombs', Japan

surrendered to the Allies, which left Vietnam in position to be taken

over by the Vietminh. Ho Chi Minh was given the name 'Nguyễn Tất

Thà nh' at the young age of 10. Ho Chi Minh embraced the was of

communism whilst he lived in England (he trained as a pastry chef

there), he also lived in France for 8 years before moving to Hong

Kong, and in Hong Kong he funded the Vietnamese communist party. In

September 1940, the Japanese invaded Indochina (which was occupied by

the French), Ho Chi Minh saw this as an opportunity to take back

Vietnam, so Ho Chi Minh, formed a group called Vietminh, Ho Chi Minh

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how the united states' involvement in vietnam was influenced by religion. french missionaries were sent to convert the vietnamese population to catholics to 'divert' their loyalty to god.
  • Narrates how the french sent combat troops into vietnam in 1847 to protect their people. after much discussion, the chinese signed over control of vietnam.
  • Explains that vietnam proved profitable to france, as they earned a lot of money from imports/exports. the vietnamese had no choice but to adapt to their new way of life.
  • Describes how ho chi minh embraced communism while living in england and trained as a pastry chef.
  • Narrates how ho chi minh funded the vietnamese communist party in hong kong. in september 1940, the japanese invaded indochina, so he formed vietminh.
  • Explains that ho chi minh's group, the vietminh, received ammunition and weapons from the soviet union, and soon after pearl harbour was bombed, they also received supplies from america.
  • Explains that the cold war was a war against two ideologies, capitalism and communism.
  • Explains that america's negation to share nuclear secrets, and also for russia spreading communism through the world, was a big one, because america traded with other countries and communist countries never traded, they where self sufficient.
  • Explains that britain, joseph stalin and harry truman met in potsdam for a meeting on the outcome of germany and vietnam. stalin wanted economic help because of the 31,000 factories destroyed.
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