United States' Involvement in The Second World War (WWII)

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World War II As totalitarian sates emerged into power, the United States got involved with World War II to help control these groups and to promote democracy in the European theatre of the world. The party with the most power at the time was the Nazi Party, led by Adolf Hitler. This socialist party was led by a powerful dictator who broke away from the League of Nations and began to conquer vast amounts of territory at a fast rate. The United States wanted to leave foreign affairs alone in fear of another world war. The United States could not avoid the fact Hitler was taking over Europe and help was needed. The United States became fully involved in the European theatre of World War II when Hitler led his armies on a series of blitzkrieg’s, taking over Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, northern France, and by breaking the Nazi-Soviet pact. The United States, under the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, wanted to remain neutral and wanted to stay out of foreign affairs. People like Lindbergh strongly opposed any aid to foreign affairs, but Roosevelt felt American security and Democracy was in jeopardy if no help was given. As Hitler began his campaigns in Europe, especially in Poland, the United States sent aid to France and Britain to resist the Nazi’s. Germany defeated Poland and easily took over weaker countries, sometimes without Keith 2 firing a single shot as in Czechoslovakia. The United States remained...
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