United States Immigration and Economic Policy after September 11

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In light of the September 11th tragedy the balance between open border commerce and tighter security must and will be reevaluated. As it appears now, all the terrorists were foreign. Some of these persons had entered the US via Canada. Some of the terrorists had been in and out of the country more than once and many had taken several flights each prior to the attack. Most of the terrorists had arrived in the US legally, taking advantage not just of loose security measures, but of lax immigration policies.i Since the attacks there have been various cases of anthrax contaminated letters. The person or persons behind the anthrax attacks have not been identified. Despite this, some evidence points to a foreign government as an original manufacturer of the poison. This would mean that the anthrax would have to have been smuggled into the country. These developments can be attributed to one of two things. First, the terrorists were extremely deceptive and very lucky. The other option would be to allot some of the blame on the United States government. The security apparatus designed to prevent these people from entering the country and operating successful was, at best, porous and unprepared. I propose that though both the terrorists’ competence and good fortune played a role in the success of their plan, our own security was to blame. The attacks and our current unprepared state have the effect of heightening fears among citizens and government officials. First off, September 11 showed that the terrorist organizations had the will and capability to step up the level of their assaults. In response to being caught so off guard the government, media, and general populous have engaged in a wave of “what ifs” not s... ... middle of paper ... ...1 -U.S. Senate Testimony and Four U.S. Publications Cite Drexler Technology's Role in ID Card-Based Biometrics for Homeland Security. Business Wire – US; Nov 20, 2001 -Envoy calls for more resources at border: Electronic tracking, high-tech screening would ease gridlock. Financial Post - Canada; Nov 29, 2001 -Immigration And Employment. Irish Times – Ireland; Nov 27, 2001 -Heed Americans' Call for Lower Immigration, NPG Urges Congress; Most Americans Want Less Immigration, Polls Show. PR Newswire - US; Nov 12, 2001 -Sachs, Susan. Changes Called Likely In Policy on Immigration. The New York Times – US; September 24, 2001 -Martin, Philip. Immigration to the United States, Vol. 54, No2. Population Reference Bureau. – Washingto DC, USA. -I used several websites including www.nexis.com, www.ft.com, www.yahoo.com, www.nytimes.com, www.usnews.com, www.wsj.com.

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