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“These days, it feels to me like you make a devil's pact when [someone walks] into this country. [They] hand over [their] passport at the check-in…Who would want to stay?...In a place where [they] are never welcomed, only tolerated…Like [they] are an animal finally house-trained.” (Zadie Smith). This ‘pact’ Smith talks about occurs for all immigrants coming into the United States. In America immigration has always existed. It exists around the world. Who in America is actually “American”? No one really with the exception of Native Americans. Everyone else came from somewhere around this globe but they were given the chance to become American with no tests and no joking around. They didn’t have to prove their loyalty to this country and they didn’t have to work their entire lives and die without seeing their loved ones one last time. Illegal immigrants should be treated the same way “American” citizens are; as loyal Americans. Most people in the United States look at immigrants and think they're bad people, immigrants should be able to live here and not be judged badly, immigrants who cross have reasons for crossing whether it’s legal or illegal crossings, immigrants and their families are affected and the economy isn't affected badly by them.
Immigrants from different parts of the world come into the U.S, legally and illegally, because they havea reason. They are asked why they crossed into this country even if they have their own country and usually the reason is for work even though they know they’ll be viewed as beggars in this country. They try their best to obtain a job and work for the rest of their life while living in the United States. “Bernard Anderson stated: “We have to recognize that the huge numbers [of undocumented...

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...s don’t do any harm to the U.S by being here. Immigrants in the U.S are not the problem when it comes to the economy and they have families too. People in the U.S who are citizens can cross the Mexican border anytime they want and not have to face consequences the ways immigrants do. Immigrants can’t cross the borders or else they’ll face serious consequences like going to prison and/or dying. Immigrants would make better citizens then the citizens themselves. They work harder and they only care about their own business. Citizens in the U.S should stop judging immigrants by their background and where they came from. Start judging them by their hard work and by how they’re treated by immigrants.

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