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Did you know that less than 317 million people in the United States have actually served in the military? There are plenty of people that have served this county and are willing to fight for example 33% of women are/have served in the Air Force. Some people have been in the military for years, and even when they have had the chance to retire they chose to stay in and serve. When being a part of the Air Force people are a part of a community that’s a lot like the communities people find across the country. In fact Air Forces bases are basically self-contained cities with everything people need to live from grocery stores to hospitals. With all of this being said the career that is being chosen is the Air Force. The Air Force is one of the branches in the military along with the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and the Coast Guard. Life in the Air Force has been said to be so good that members of other branches have left their branch to join the Air Force. So the next few paragraphs will be talking about a career as an Airmen, specifically in the medical field. This paper discusses the opportunity a high school graduate can take to pursue a career as a x-ray technician in the U.S. Air Force. The United States Air Force became a separate military service on September 18, 1947, with the implementation of the National Security Act of 1947. The Army created the first antecedent of the air force in 1907. The Air Corps became a subordinate element of the Army Air Forces on June 20, 1942. A crisis in the air force is when the Cuban missile crisis known as the October crisis or the missile scare in Cuba and the Caribbean crisis in the former USSR was a 14 day confrontation in October 1962 between the Soviet Union and Cuba on one side and the Unite... ... middle of paper ... ... are not being properly assessed. Diagnostic Imaging Airmen have the opportunity to further their education and specialize in different areas such as radiography, ultrasound or MRI; all of which can be paid for through Air Force education programs. On top of that the fact that the individual will have 82 college credits in less than a year is practically rare in the civilian world. The opportunity to advance in their career field is a strong feature that many should look at if they want to pursue a career in the medical field but don’t exactly see how they can afford to do so. Works Citied https://www.airforce.com/careers/detail/diagnostic-imaging http://www.airforce.com/benefits/enlisted-pay/ http://www.airforce.com/benefits/food-housing/ http://www.airforce.com/benefits/recreation/ http://www.afhso.af.mil/topics/factsheets/factsheet_print.asp?fsID=19811&page=1

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