United Nations And The League Of Nations

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After the conclusion of the Second World War, the United Nations (UN) replaced the ineffective League of Nations and its job was to protect humans rights and prevent future wars like World War 2. The “Big Three” — who were US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British prime minister Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union— held a meeting in the soviet city of Yalta to discuss terms for the up coming peace treaty, which included talks about a “world organization.” “This organization— which Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin said was essential ‘to prevent aggression and to remove political, economic, and social causes of war through close and continuing collaboration of all peace-loving peoples’ — was to be called the United Nations (Patterson 7).” The United Nations is one of the first steps towards the idea of globalization. That the entire world is beginning to connect on social, political, and economic levels and now with the United Nations this process directly connects with the governments involved in the UN to help countries in social, economic, and/or political turmoil.
The failure of the League of Nations in its job to maintain peace quickly showed nations that a new organization should be created to prevent destructive wars like the First and Second World War. One of the major flaws of the League of Nations was the United States Senate refusing to become a member of the League of Nations even though it was President Woodrow Wilson’s idea for the League to be formed. With lack of US intervention the League of Nations had no real power, especially with its policy of collective security as a tool to maintain global peace. The problem with collective security was its lack of global powers.“The United S...

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... together discussion world issues. Each nation has a say no matter how big, wealthy, or powerfully they are, every country has a voice in situations that may or may not effect directly. Either if it’s a leaders questionable actions towards his people or t how to stop global poverty and suffering. Every nation is working together to create a better world that almost 70 years ago was destroyed by years of warfare and conflict. The United Nations helped create peaceful relations between warring nations and spread foreign ideas and cultures to newly independent countries. Without the United Nations, World War 3 most likely would have happened and it would have devastated the world and foreign nations working together on situations like human rights would never be realized. Even with todays advance technology, globalization wouldn’t be global without the United Nations.
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