Unit Five Assignment

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Every organization is responsible for adopting its own business strategy and further communicating that strategy in a statement. While many companies business strategy bear similarities it is unlikely that any two are exactly alike. The business culture, its personnel, the product or service it provides, and its organizational structure will all, among many other factors, play a role in the strategy the company adopts to achieve its goals. The Unilever Company had adopted a decentralized approach but later switched to a more centralized architecture. Given today’s business environment, with the advent of globalization and far greater information sharing, this is likely to be happening in more multinational companies than not. A centralized corporate command structure provides advantages that require, or are greatly strengthened, by resources available today that were not twenty years ago.
During the 1950s up until the 1970s the Unilever Corporation’s successfully managed its subsidiary companies under a decentralized structure. Each area, generally comprised of a country, wa...

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