Unit 4 Assignment 1: Investigating A Computer Problem

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588 words

TROUBLESHOOTING COMPUTER PROBLEMS HN Unit H177 34 Investigating the problem The description of the problem given to me from the end user was as follows “Keyboard not working properly, Can’t type email addresses into Outlook and seems to be a lot slower than it used to be.” From the description given the computer was able to boot fine so I loaded the computer up and tried to open outlook as that was something the user mentioned. Immediately I noticed the slowness the user had mentioned the mouse pointer was moving across the screen very slowly but keyboard actions such as the windows button and typing remained at normal speed. After opening outlook I tried to enter in my own email address to see what the problem was and noticed the @ symbol was …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the most logical thing to do after investigating the problem was to eliminate the annoying problem first the mouse speed.
  • Describes how the computer was able to boot fine and tried to open outlook. after seeing the user's description of the problem, they decided to plan their solution.
  • Explains how they checked the mouse settings to see if anything had been changed accidentally. they went to the control panel, hardware and sound, devices and printers, and then the pointers tab.
  • Explains that the keyboard key binding problems proved more difficult than the mouse problem, as it only effected certain keys.

Mouse Speed Problem I decided the best thing to do would be to check the mouse settings in case anything had been changed accidently as it is a common problem and one I have ran into before. I started by going into the control panel as that is the easiest route to the mouse settings furthermore I went to the Control Panel into Hardware and Sound then Devices and Printers searched for the mouse which was named “USB OPTICAL MOUSE” right-clicked to go into the mouse settings, after looking through the buttons tab nothing had been changed recently everything was in order I moved on to the pointers tab then the pointer options tab. In the pointer options tab the first thing I noticed was the Pointer speed had been lowered to “slow” after changing it from slow to 50% and applying the settings the mouse was back to standard speed and the problems from before were no more. One problem down one more to go. Keyboard Keybind Problem The keyboard key binding problems proved far more difficult than the mouse problem. As it only effected certain keys it was harder to locate all the

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