Unique, Rare, and Dangerous Encounter

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Unique, Rare, and Dangerous Encounter
Most people had the chance in life to come across many unique, rare, and dangerous creäture. Living life in an unexpected manner and exploring the world. Thinking of the dangerous creature , a lot of species and animals would come to mind like for instead, here is a list of the 24 most dangerous animals in the world; Death stalker, Africanized Honey Bee, Rhino, Cone Snail, Stonefish, Black Mamba, Cape Buffalo, Poison Dart Frog, Polar Bear, Box Jellyfish, African Lion, Boomslang, Puffer Fish, Hyena, Komodo Dragon, Tse Tse Fly, Carpet Viper, Leopard, Brazilian Wandering Spider, Blue Ringed Octopus, Hippo, Saltwater Crocodile, African Elephant and Mosquito. Out of the list there is one that everyone have encounter on a daily base. Yes! You guess it right, the mosquito and it was number one on the list. I happen to have that encounter to go on but as well I have one other encounter with these wild live creature. I’m sure there is a few people in the world that have come across what I came across about nine years ago and some of the people didn’t have the chance to talk about their encounter with a creature like that.
Y’all Heard of The Great White, Right?
Well if you happen to have no idea or clue as into what I’m talking about, which I seriously doubt that’s would be the case. Ever saw the movie Jaws and all of the subsequent directed by Steven Spielberg, then you definitely have a great picture of what the Great Whites are and what they are capable of doing to a human and other sea animal, this also label them one of the most dangerous wild life. The Great White also goes by these other names White Pointer or White Death is from a large species of lamniform shark. If you ever trying to locate on...

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...k. Scared and moving back a little more, the shark was in a freeze position no flipping or wobbling, the only thing that was making a move was his gills. Wanting to know more I asked what kind of shark it is and was told that it’s a Caribbean Reef Shark. After the adult left all the children there, we start to poke it with a stick and was touching it with our hands and feet to feel the skin, which felt rough like I was touching sandpaper. When the kids were poking the reef with the stick I thought it would react in a very aggressive way but that wasn’t the case, it was still calm until they start getting aggressive their self. I sacred cause that’s when the reef begun to start snapping at every movement that was making. It was getting too much for me to take especially since it was going out of control, so I left and have no clue as to what happen to the Reef Shark.

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