Unions: The Dying Society

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Unions have been integrated in North American society. For the business world, unions pose a threat the expanding the corporation’s profits; for workers, unions are an opportunity to gain power in the workplace. Unions are used to balance the division of power throughout the world, yet they are not without their faults; for example, workers must pay union fees. Unions, while fundamentally a mediator between workers and corporations, pose a threat to the community; lawsuits, threats, lack of jobs, store closures, physical threats and actions. History of Unions “A union of wage earners, whether they be mechanics, semi-skilled, or unskilled workers, aims to affect the terms of the wage bargain and change the conditions under which its members are employed” (Taft, 1964, pg. 3). Unions regulate the employer (Brody, 1980, pg. 179), as the union members are “dependent on the advances of [his or her] employer in the form of wages” (Taft, 1964, pg. 4). The unionization movement, or labour movement is groups of people without power collectively rallying together to gain power in the workplace (Brody, 1980, pg. 174) through strikes, protests, government law, and petitions (Toft, 1964, pg 7). Today, the unionization movement has spread from local companies to international companies, thus, power control for the workers is lacking because of the lack or different laws in countries around the world. Beginning in the eighteenth century, the labour movement has changed working conditions across the world (Taft, 1964,pg. 3). Starting in the United States, the first union consisted of shoemakers from Philadelphia; the union started and ended in 1792(Taft, 1964, pg. 5). Early unions were organized for a purpose and ended once their main... ... middle of paper ... ...iew/216130242?accountid=15115 Brody, D. (1980). Workers in industrial America: essays on the twentieth century struggle. New York: Oxford University Press. "Canada High Court Rules for Walmart in Union Case." Canadian Grocer 123.10 (2009): 12. Print. Commons, J. R. (1925). Marx to-day: capitalism and socialism. S.l.: s.n.. Cotter, J. (2013, August 15). SCC won't hear union's appeal in Saskatchewan Walmart case. The Canadian Press. Retrieved December 8, 2013, from DeMaria, A. T. (2013). Walmart sues our walmart in five states. Management Report, 35(8), 1-8. Taft, P. (1964). Organized labor in American history (1st ed.). New York: Harper & Row. Whyte, D. (2009). Crimes of the powerful: a reader. Maidenhead, Berkshire, England: Open University Press McGraw-Hill Education.
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