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Unification is the struggle to devise the one and only theory that will unify all the forces of the universe. It is the attempt to combine the equations of the force of gravity, the force of electro-magnetism, the weak force, and the strong force all into one equation. Physicists, believing that everything in the universe is not separate, want to unite all the forces together. The process of unification takes a lot of hard work and determination. Some physicists believe that uniting everything into one is possible and even essential because every particle in this world works in the same way. If it works in the same way it must be made up of the same fundamental make-up. However, this process is a struggle because not all physicists want to support this idea. They think it is absurd to try to unify forces so different from each other. Sir Isaac Newton was sitting under a tree when an apple fell on his head. This very short version of this story explains how gravity was first perceived. Newton wanted to find what force made that apple fall on his head; the apple was pulled down to the ground by some unknown strength and energy. Newton was able to unify all of his laws and mathematical equations to evolve gravity. By explaining his laws, called Newton’s Laws, he was able to explain how objects moved and what kept them moving. He discovered why these objects moved and how they attracted each other. Newton experimented with mathematical equations--Galileo’s, Einstein’s, and Kepler’s law--and his own laws. Due to his hard work he was able to design an equation to explain the force of gravity. He was sure that gravity occurs between any objects that have mass; therefore, he unified the heavens and Earth. He unified the whole univ... ... middle of paper ... ... years; now, it is possible that string theory is going to do just that. This theory states that all matter identical. All atoms are made up of quarks, and quarks are made up of little vibrating strings. Although these strings are all the same, they vibrate differently, creating different sounds or particles. Physicists believe in this theory because they know the universe is unified. Atoms and stars or even galaxies are all one universe; therefore, there has to be one mega equation that unites all of it. The way string theory unites everything is that it states that all particles in all the cosmos are all the same. The way they hypothesize this idea is by saying that these little strings are all identical. If all of the strings are alike, then all of the particles that they make up have to be alike as well. These strings could be what unite the whole universe.

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