Unhealthy Lifestyle, Alcohol intake and Effect on Normative Aging

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Unhealthy Living, Alcohol intake and Effects on Normative Aging
The article in the Toronto star by Judith Timothy published on September 26, 2013 titled, “Alcohol: the modern woman steroid?” this article deals with elderly adults and alcohol. I find this article interesting because of the high rate of alcohol related accident, illnesses, and cognitive decline in older adult. The stereotype surrounding elderly adult and how alcohol, and alcohol consumption is link to ageing. The exploration of this topic Unhealthy Living, Alcohol intake and Effect on Normative Aging will enable us understand better the effects of alcohol on health of older adult. This discourse will further, help us understand the myth, implication of drinking, and whether alcohol consumption causes ageing in older adults. Furthermore, the effects of alcohol in older adults as compares to younger adult will be investigated. Finding out how health impairment caused by alcohol can lead to anxiety, stress, and ultimately hospitalization will enable us look for ways to remedy elder adults from alcohol consumption. It is important to investigate, many other conflicting theories that claims, alcohol consumption impairs health, causes accident, and leads to Unhealthy Living, Alcohol intake and Effects on Norma-tic Aging.
To begin with, the controversy surrounding alcohol and its link to ageing can be understood by defining health. In a nutshell, Health is the total lack of disease, complete mental, physical, spiritual and social well-being of an individual (Pender, 1996). The absence of these factors, that defines health can cause ageing in older adult. The way people answer this question, what is health? Is predictive of illness and mortality (idler & Benyamini, 1997). Some other psychological reasons people respond to this question this way is because of people’s feeling about their health which may have a negative or positive impact on
health-related behavior. Secondly, it reflect ones low self-rate of health, and the belief that one’s health is getting worse. Thirdly, one’s self-rate of health effect behavior, and finally self-rate may reflect ones internal feeling (Wolinsky & Tierney, 1998). Unhealthy Lifestyle, Alcohol intake and Effects on Normative Aging.
Ageism is a stereotypes associated with the way some age groups are perceive which result in discrimination. What is more interesting about this topic is the sociocultural, psychological, and biological forces that classifies individual into age group, e.g. Norma-tic age graded influence which divides age groups chronologically, that is, legal and illegal drinking age.

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