Unfulfilled Dreams in Amy Tan’s Two Kinds

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The short story “Two Kinds” written by Amy Tan is about conflict between a mother and daughter. A mother tries to live her life through her daughter and her daughter rebels. The prominent theme of this short story would seem to be "unfulfilled dreams”. After losing everything in China, the mother of Jing Mei comes to America with the dream that Jing Mei will have it all: fame, fortune, and most of all success unlike herself. Little does she know, her dream will be short-lived. All Parents have dreams for their children. A lot of parents want their children to succeed in life and push them to do so. Some parents want their children to be just like them, but most of the time parents push their children to do things that they were never capable of doing. There are some children who listen and do as their parents say but there are some who choose to be their own person and follow their own paths, not those of their parents, like Jing Mei. Young children want to follow dreams of their parents, it is not until they get older when some realize it is not for them and begin to make t...

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