Unforgettable Moment In My Life Essay

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It was April 1st, 2011, I stepped my feet for the first time in the United States. A cold air swiftly brushed my face and instantly I realized that I’m not in Indonesia. It was the hardest decision that I have ever made in my life. I left my family, friends, job and my home country for a new beginning. I knew it would not be easy, but I have to be supportive to my husband and be grateful for this opportunity. “It might a worthy start for my little family”, I whispered. I still remember clearly how cold it was. The weather was colder than I expected. All I ever wanted that night was to have a good sleep. Being in an airplane for 24 hours was not exciting at all. However, it was the unforgettable moment in my life. I also believed this is a golden…show more content…
I’m really gratified and blissful that my brothers are doing great and have decent jobs. At least I have the security that they are taking a good care of my mother when I’m not there. Thanks to my compassionate husband for the opportunity that he has given to me. Even though living far away from many family members is not easy, this circumstance has taught me to be more independent and appreciate every little thing in my life. In addition, I’ve learned many new skills and gain more experiences from this journey. Throughout these years, I have attempted to balance my agitated school schedule, my social life, and most significantly, my responsibilities to my family. I love involving myself at my daughter’s school PTO organization. Furthermore, recently I applied for volunteering at the hospital in my area. The experience has stirred a sense of liability that I never knew was present inside of me. My migration to the United States has transformed me to be a new person in a positive way. Moreover, I’ve met numerous wonderful people in this country. I’m thrilled to say a few of them have become my best friends, and more like family to me. Clearly, my migration to the United States brings profound impact in my
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