Unfair Laws in a Fair Time

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The Black Codes of Mississippi and the views towards African Americans in the 19th century were the cause to the lack of freedom and respect given to the freedmen. Around the time of 1865, the United States of America was heading towards a paramount path of reconstruction for social and economic issues, such as slavery. As the country sprinted towards this movement, the leaders and upper class of the time skewed the ideas and morals of the new era. Carrying over the same leaders from pre-civil wartime left same concepts in place; the views towards blacks in the south did not change and until a later time, the leaders of the time made little progress to improve the blacks place in society. There were new laws put into place but they were not proactive to insure the freedom of freedmen.
The Black codes of Mississippi were a “way southern states strive to maintain the old order while limiting the newly acquired rights of African Americans”. This quote as it stands is the very ideology of the state back in 1865. They wanted to keep the order but they did not want the African Americans to get all of their rights back. Many of the new laws alluded to the fact that the Whites were still in charge and the freedmen and their children were not free. In the Mississippi Apprentice Laws, it states, “masters have the power to inflict chastisement”. This quote shows that the old masters still have control of these children. The Mississippi Apprentice Laws also state that the children must give “service of his or her master…in indenture”, which shows the child never left slavery. These children were usually orphaned children. The government assigned a master to kids whose parents could not afford or refused to take care of them. By using the ...

... middle of paper ... the southerners were still racist and supremacist. The Ku Klux Klan inflicts another account of negativity towards blacks happening, just in a more violent manner. The KKK was a very violent racist group that terrorized many people such as the people in the testimony from a Congressional Hearing. In this testimony the KKK is cited for abuse, threats, death threats, and demeaning attitudes. People like this were around during the time of reconstruction to slow and reverse the process of incorporating freedmen into society.
There was no respect for freedmen during this time, and the leaders in charge were no help in passing the correct legislation to confront this issue. The new time for reconstruction was a time that the freedmen were in theory, supposed to become free, but the current ideas and laws of the time did not permit that to happen.
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