Unfair International Competition Case Study

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kinds of unfair foreign competition.
2.3 GATT and Anti Dumping under Uruguay Round: The striking feature of GATT is that the rules are applicable equally to trade between the member countries. Eight rounds of successful trade negotiations have taken place under GATT which were later ratified and implemented by the member nations. The earlier rounds under trade negotiations were focused on reduction of tariffs on merchandise. The outcome was that the average tariff rate at the time of GATT was 40% was reduced to 4% in the early 1990’s. Agriculture and textile products were not covered in the earlier rounds and were included in the Uruguay Round. In fact the prominence changed and widened in the Uruguay Round which included:
• Non-tariff trade barriers acknowledged more consideration
• Agriculture and textiles were incorporated
• Trade in services and intellectual property was well thought-out for the first time.
• The powers and structure of the
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The investigation of the dumped imports should be evaluative and all factors, including the economics need to be studied. Such factors have direct impact on the industry concerned and its problems. Baring aside the exceptions, here the term “ domestic industry” in clearly understanding terms point out to products, or goods or commodities, and whose total output makes up total domestic production of such types of goods or commodities. Clearly given under the specifics of Agreement , are procedures in which manner the anti-dumping cases will be initiated and the possibilities as well as the base of these investigations. Besides, the Agreement also lays down reliable conditions that would otherwise safeguard the interest of parties and a right base is provided to produce the evidence on such
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