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Throughout each experience in your life, you are expected to walk away with something; whether it be a new way of thinking, learned techniques or a mixture of the both. Throughout English 101, I ended up learning much more than expected. This was due to having a great teacher, but also the realization of how little high school actually prepared me for college English. The class itself took me on a journey of learning, not only acquiring new skills, but uncovering an unknown side of me as a writer; which then led to a change in my writing process and a solid achievable set of goals for the future. In this essay, I will be covering how ENG101 helped me advance my way of writing; as well as how it has affected me and what that means for my future college career. Before I started this class, I was concerned that I wouldn’t learn much due to it taking place online. Let’s just say I was by no means disappointed. With each different assignment I felt myself improving, all the essays given in the course were of genres I had never truly touched on. My beginning essay, which was a narrative on my writing process, was beyond rough. I was so nervous, that my very first sentence in the essay was, “The afternoon sun beat down on my tear soaked face through the untinted window of my parents dirty 1997 blue Durgano as we drove into the new town I would be living in”. There was a whole laundry list of issues, as you can see Durango was spelled incorrectly, along with punctuation issues and absolutely no focus. Regardless of the many issues, the essay served its purpose in making me aware of my lack of organization. The next essay we did was a cultural textual analysis, this one brought my focus issues to light. Fina...

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... final products need to be as close to perfect as possible; procrastination and “writers block” is something I must absolutely work on in order to succeed in the future. Overall, I am beyond pleased with the opportunities this class provided for me, I have gained priceless knowledge. I was terrified to do that first essay and for good reason, I was highly unprepared. Once I learned a variety of new genres, techniques and ways to improve my writing process, that fear faded. Currently, I don’t feel terrified with the idea of English 102 and on; this class has not only given me tools to succeed, but a positive set of goals that will prevent my habit of procrastination that I loathe. What I have learned has changed me as a person and a writer; my new mindset and approach will hopefully keep my writing process growing and my drive to improve in high gear.
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